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Therapy Explained,

with Deniss Pleiner, M.A.

Culturally attuned mental health information & education for BIPOC Adults.

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Deniss Pleiner is a latina mental health advocate and speaker in California. She uses her experience supporting BIPOC Adults in individual therapy to work in partnership with educational and professional organizations to curate mental health workshops for their members. She also creates guides, worksheets, and other mental health resources available for digital download through the shop.

Her experience and work in BIPOC Mental health have resulted in invitations from various professional, educational, and community organizations including: Pepperdine, UCLA, CalTech, Act Blue, Prospanica, NSPA, and more. She has also been featured in various podcasts including CNN Radio's Diversifying, and Werk Stories.


Available online and in-person

For Organizations

Mental Health Workshops and Panels for professional, educational and community organizations. Available online and in-person.

For Individuals

Resources available through the shop, coaching services, and booking interviews.


Previous Partnerships

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Therapy, Explained on YouTube

A YouTube Channel where we explain, demystify, and destigmatize mental health & mental health treatment.

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