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Burnout Prevention and Management Workbook

Burnout Prevention and Management Workbook


For those tired of being tired from work and in need of an additional tool in their journey.  Burnout can creep up on us until we realize we are completly exhausted-- this workbook helps you regain insight and create posibility for change. 


Orginally designed to go hand-in-hand with one of Deniss' workshops, this workbook has been edited to allow for independent work and relection. 


This workbook includes: 


-Defenition and red flags of burnout 

-Intersectionality of mental health and burnour 

-Reflection prompts 

-Strategies for work-life balance 

-Introduction to setting boundaries at work

-Babysteps reframing for ongoing work on wellness 

-Affirmations for setting boundaries 

-Affirmations for boundaries 


Information in this worksheet is meant for informational and educational purposes only. It is not therapy, or medical advice nor should it be interpreted as such.

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